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Clear Your Overthinking Mind in 5 Minutes

Don't let your overthinking mind control your day. Take 5 minutes to do a mind declutter and get back to the important stuff.

+ free phone wallpaper & poster

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, this 5-minute exercise will help you declutter your mind so you can get back to your day.

This exercise can be done whenever you need a reset but it’s most useful right before you’re about to do something that requires concentration or might be stressful in some way.

Take your time, 5 minutes is just a guide. If you need longer, take longer. If you feel calm after just a few minutes, then that’s fine too.

Plus, I've included a wallpaper you can add to your phone and a poster. All so you can have a daily reminder to give your mind a quick declutter.

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